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ORACLE : Database Administration
کد دورهعنوان دورهپیش نیازساعت
T9409Oracle Security-40
1001Interoduction to Oracle 9i : SQL-40
1301Oracle 9i database Administration Fundamentals I100148
1302Oracle 9i database Administration Fundamentals II130148
1303Oracle database Performance Tuning130240
1304Oracle 9i DBA : New Features for Administrators-48
1305Oracle database 10g : Administration Workshop I-48
1306Oracle database 11g : Administration Workshop II130548
1307Oracle database 11g : New Features for Administrator-48
1308Oracle database 10g : Real Application Clusters130640
1309Oracle database 10g : Data Guard Administration130640
1311Oracle database 10g : Performance Tuning130632
1312Oracle database 10g : RAC Basic Concepts &Architecture Seminar13068
1313Oracle database 10g : RAC for Administrators RElease 2130616
1314Oracle database 10g : Manageing Oracle on Linux for DBAs130616
1315Oracle database 10g : Managing Oracle on Linux for System Administrators130624
1316Oracle database 10g : Parallelism and Scalability Overview Seminar13078
1318Oracle database 11g : Fundamentals and Advanced100540
1319Oracle database 10g : Implement Streams100840
1323Oracle database 11g : New Features for Administrators130640
1324Oracle database 11g : chenge Management Overiew Seminar21042100000
1326Oracle database 11g : Impelement Streams132240
1327Oracle database 11g : Essentials and Advanced100956
1192Oracle 11g : Data Warehousing Fundamentals-24
1292Data Integration and ETL with Oracle Warehouse Builder-48
5606Oracle 11g R2 RAC Configuration and Administration-48
1322Oracle Database 11g : SQL FundamentalsOR921040
OR9210Oracle Database 11g : Administration Workshop I100848
1325Oracle Database11g : Performance Tuning132240
890301SQL Tuning-24
1310Oracle Database 10g : Backup and Recovery132224
1111Oracle Database 11g: SQL Tuning Workshop-24
1112Oracle Data Guard Configuration & Administration-36
1113Oracle 11g: Rac & Grid-40
1115Oracle Database 11g: Backup & Recovery-48