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ORACLE : Application Development
کد دورهعنوان دورهپیش نیازساعت
1002Oracle 9i : Program with PL/SQL100140
1003Oracle 9i : Advanced PL/SQL100240
1004Oracle database 10g : SQL Fundamentals-40
1005Oracle database 10g : Develop PL/SQL Program Units210440
1006Oracle database 10g : Advanced PL/SQL100516
1007Oracle database 10g : SQL Tuning100424
2020Oracle database 11g : PL/SQL Programs Units100940
1011Oracle database 11g : Advanced PL/SQL Programs Units100916
1012Oracle database 11g : SQL Tuning Workshop100824
1013Oracle HTML DB 2.0 : Develop Web Applications100524
1014Oracle Application Express : Develop Web Applications100532
1103Oracle Forms Developer 10g : Build Internet Applications100532
1104Oracle Reports Developer10g : Build Reports100540
1105Oracle Forms & Reports Developer 10g : Move to the Web100532
1008Oracle Database 11g : SQL Fundamentals-40
1009Oracle Database 11g : Develop PL/SQL Program Units100840
890317ERP Seminar-4